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Having recently retired we are fulfilling our long time dream. We began our camping life with a tent in 1969 adjusting as each of our three sons arrived over the years and gradually progressed to a 32' Class A in 2007. Even after our sons became too busy with their own interests, we continued dreaming over the years. The Louisville, KY 2003 Great North American RV Rally and the book "Movin' On" convinced us that a motorhome after retirement was really for us! In 2007 we sold our home and disposed of most of our belongings and awaited the wife's retirement on February 1, 2008. We were out in our first motorhome ten times in our first summer in 2007, with our grandson joining us eight of those ten times. Since he must stay behind with his mom and dad to continue school, we told him he can join us on vacations (by car or plane) anywhere we are as we travel the US. Imagine the history lessons he could acquire! However, Mom and Dad don't look at it that way, especially the flying. Fortunately we don't miss work one bit!! We just miss the friends there. We have many hobbies to keep us busy when we decide to sit still for a day. Hope to see you on the road.

Friday, July 2, 2010


While in Greencastle PA at Keystone RV Dealer for maintenance on our motorhome, we checked out the surrounding communities to while away the time. We had stopped at the shopping areas near Interstate 81 at Hagerstown MD exits. However, we needed to look for other things of interest to do. After all, we don't do much shopping, just looking! Driving in to Hagerstown, we found that they had a walking tour of their downtown area. Checking that out, we stopped in at City Hall, stopped by two churches only to find out that they were not open to tour. The church tours are always such a good source of history for the area. They had so many functions during the formation of the country, especially during the wars. Often they were used to house the soldiers, and even the horses which were so valuable to them. The architecture in the town and their interest portrayed in the Arts was interesting. After walking downtown for a while we drove out to the city park again to tour Hager's Home (Built by the Founder of Hagerstown) only to find that it was not open that day. Such is our luck!! We moved on to the Washington Art Museum at the Park. There we found a lot of interest and noted that they are adding on as well. These are some of the paintings, or parts of paintings that took Gary's eye. We were only permitted to take pictures of the ones that the Museum owned. So just looked at the current displays that were on loan to them.
Gary loved the detail in the lace.
And of course, this is Gary's real interest that he likes to do himself.
The actual front of the Museum has been closed behind the pillars with Plexiglas with this statue in side. Going down the walks from this, we arrived at the man made lake to watch little girl feeding the swans. She was having a ball!
We also took a day to drive to Chambersburg PA and check that out. It is a nice town, but really enjoyed the country side and mountains around it.
And then to see it from this perspective, with the freeway in between us and the farm/mountain scene!!
We spent some time looking for Woodstock Road, but did not find the section that we wanted. I think that the construction of the freeways must have split it up.
We thought this canal on the lower side of Hagerstown was interesting.
These indications of the town's Artistic Performance interest were attractive also! Each was mounted on a post out in the sidewalks.
I thought this clock was interesting, because the working parts were visible from the street.
And buzzing on up the highway, you never know what you will see!! I almost was not fast enough with the camera!!
Leaving Maryland and Pennsylvania behind we arrived back in Salem on Wednesday shortly after lunch. It was not such a long day, but was sure a white knuckle day for Gary because of all of the construction as we got closer to Pittsburgh. But we made it safely and honked on our way in States Street past HS&L. We are back and will see you all soon!!
Not sure how often I will Blog while here as we always manage to keep our calendar so full. Hope to be in the Campground next week though. And I am sure our grandson is looking forward to that also!! Take care and God Bless.

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